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Through images, digital multimedia, and installation work, I seek to exploit the absurdities and beauty present in our reactionary global mainstream culture and carve out new territory in digital experiences. I use body movement, choreography and visual effects to create dynamic and dreamlike experiences. I hope to provoke critical thought, a sense of wonder, and playfulness through my work.

Clay received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Reed College, Portland, Oregon.


International Digital Media and Arts Association's Jury Selection Award
Parking Lot Dance II: Black Friday


em>Cosi fan tutte
Video Design
July 2017
Portland Opera, Portland, Oregon

Push, Pull
Solo show
April 2017
Archer Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington

Parking Lot Dance II: Black Friday
3-Channel video
July 2014
Dance+ Festival, Conduit, Portland Oregon

Parking Lot Dance, solo show
Multichannel dance video installation.
February-April 2014
Place Gallery, Portland Oregon

Leda and the Swan
Fully interactive video interpretation of the classic Greek “Leda and the Swan” story. A real-time digital projection that is responsive to, and directed by, visitors’ body movements.
Solo show, January 2014
Portland Building Installation space

Installation, Performance, Documentation, group show.
The Feldenheimer Gallery, Reed College
June September 2013.

Latino Art Now, group show.
June 2013.
Video: Construction Site

Sailor Mirror
A digitally projected crowd of life-size sailors are choreographed by the movements of passersby.
Featured installation at the 2013 CAP Art Auction
April 2013

Innapropriate Appropriation, group show.
Littman Gallery
October 2012.
Video: La Llorona Makes Guest Appearance at Candlelit Vigil.

How to Immigrate to the United States of America, solo show.
June 2012.

Hypercorrection, group show.
February 2012.

Artist Residencies:

Caldera Arts

Casa Ko, Puerto Varas, Chile
Filmed and edited video piece, A Sense of Place during a 2 week stay.